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MTC-SO d.o.o is the general distributor of Chr.Hansen A / S from Denmark. Chr. Hansen is a global, differentiated bioscience company that develops natural solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Chr. Hansen is a market leader in starter cultures, enzymes and probiotics for a rich variety of foods, beverages, dietary supplements, animal feed and plant protection. The solutions of Chr. Hansen enable food manufacturers to produce more with less – while also reducing the use of chemicals and other synthetic additives – which makes the products highly relevant in today’s world. As one of the world’s most sustainable companies, Chr. Hansen touches the lives of more than 1 billion people every day that consume products containing their natural ingredients. Chr. Hansen was founded in 1874, has more than 3,700 dedicated employees in 30 countries and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

Dairy Fresh dairyYoFlex® The YoFlex® culture range is a series of highly concentrated cultures specifically developed for thermophilic fermented milk applications. To match the broadest possible set of applications, the YoFlex® culture range represents great diversity with respect to texture and flavor properties as well as acidification speed. The range is the best choice for dairy applications such as:

  • Stirred yogurt;
  • Set yogurt;
  • Drinkable yogurt;
  • Concentrated yogurt.

eXact®Chr. Hansen’s eXact® range includes a series of highly concentrated mesophilic cultures. They are specifically developed for fresh cheese, cultured milk and cultured-cream applications such as:

  • Buttermilk;
  • Kefir;
  • Sour cream;
  • Quark;
  • Cream cheese;
  • Tvorog.

nu-trish®The nu-trish® range consists of single strains or convenient culture blends for probiotic dairy products, developed for a variety of food and beverage types. Chr. Hansen provides well documented and researched probiotic strains and culture blends with strong clinical documentation and credible health benefits:

  • LGG®, Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • BB-12®, Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. Lactis
  • LA-5®, Lactobacillus acidophilus

FreshQ® Chr. Hansen’s FreshQ® food cultures are fermentation-enabled bioprotection, and a completely natural way to help prevent food spoilage and protect it against harmful microorganisms, allowing to extend the shelf life and reduce food waste. This is a safe solution based on traditional principles of fermentation that helps to protect brand value and lower quality-issue-related costs for dairies. FreshQ® works across the following applications: Yogurt, Fermented cream, Quark, Kefir, Tvorog, White cheese, Cottage cheese, Pasta Filata. NOLA® Fit NOLA® Fit is a cutting edge lactase enzyme developed to unlock the potential in the lactose-free category and reduced sugar fermented milk products and even more to accommodate the needs of pure taste liquid lactose-free market. The main advantages of NOLA® Fit are:

  • ensuring the authentic taste of dairy;
  • increasing sweetness without adding sugar or extra calories;
  • optimizing profitability for lactose-free dairy production.

CheeseStarter culturesAll of Chr. Hansen’s cheese cultures come in a convenient DVS® (Direct Vat Set) or EASY-SET™ format for direct inoculation into milk. The cultures need no activation or other treatment prior to use, and they offer a number of advantages in terms of flexibility in use, consistent performance and the possibility of using customized culture blends. We offer a wide range of starter cultures, covering many different cheese types like: Cheddar, Continental, Cottage cheese, Grana, Pasta Filata, Soft and White cheeses. CoagulantsThe coagulant plays a key role, when it comes to yield, cheese maturation and optimization of the whey stream. Chr. Hansen offers a broad coagulant portfolio consisting of animal and fermentation produced coagulants and can help you to choose the optimal solution to meet your needs. Chr. Hansen’s products cover coagulation requirements for all cheese types:

  • NATUREN® animal rennet - keeping traditions alive;
  • MICROLANT® products - making organic possible;
  • CHY-MAX® products - for the modern cheese maker.

Ripening culturesChr. Hansen offers a range of DVS® ripening cultures with unique properties that facilitate the development of new cheeses with signature flavors. The range also includes ripening cultures for improved texture, appearance and process efficiency across many cheese types. Chr. Hansen’s ripening cultures like SWING®, Delight™ or DVS® CR Full Flavor will allow you to customize your cheese and to differentiate it for the competition.Other enzymesChr. Hansen provides unique and diverse selection of dairy enzymes that offer different benefits, such as desired flavor characteristics, texture improvements and increased yield as well as solutions for lactose-free and low-lactose dairy products. Depending on your need for differentiation or process optimization, your enzyme should be found here:

  • YIELDMAX® - enhancing flavor and increasing yield;
  • LactoYIELD® - converting lactose to the value-added product, lactobionic acid;
  • SPICEIT® - spice up your cheese with Chr. Hansen’s range of lipase solutions.

Natural protectionChr. Hansen is offering a wide range of bioprotective solutions that improve biocontrol during the production process and provide more homogeneous products with improved quality of the final cheese. Chr. Hansen’s bioprotective range also includes culture types that are widely used to prevent unwanted yeast and mold, naturally extending shelf life and increasing food safety. Part of Chr. Hansen’s solutions for natural protection of cheese are: AFILACT®, BIOSAFE™, FreshQ® and CHRISIN™.Test kitsMilkSafe™The MilkSafe™ range of high-quality tests and equipment detects the most common dairy antibiotic residues. All tests are validated by an external third-party laboratory (ILVO1). All you need to do is incubate and interpret the results – either visually or by reader. MilkSafe™ equipment and digital services enable antibiotic testing at various locations in the milk value chain:

  • At the farm: A Mini Incubator allows the farmer to visually interpret and quickly control for antibiotic residues in milk.
  • On the truck: A Portable Reader enables precise testing of antibiotic residues during transportation. Combined with the MilkSafe™ App, the test results are stored in a cloud-based data management solution.
  • In the laboratory: A Desktop Reader and a Data Manager enable reader-based interpretation of antibiotics tests.

LACTOSENS®The LACTOSENS® test is a direct assay on a biochip that very specifically measures lactose in mere minutes in milk and dairy products. The test is easy to use and allows traceability and faster product release. LACTOSENS® works with milk, yogurt, mozzarella, fresh cheese, cream, cottage cheese. Meat & Prepared food SafePro® bioprotectionSafePro® cultures are natural food cultures that protect meat in a natural way. They help improve the safety and the goodness of your meat and salmon even after it has been opened and may prevent spoilage and maintain or extend shelf life. SafePro® are based on unique bacteria strains found within lactic acid bacteria species that are normally used in food products. Salami Chr. Hansen offers solutions for fermented meat production such as Italian salami, Spanish chorizo, German salami, French saucisson sec, etc. Chr. Hansen’s food cultures contain strains that are typically present in meat and provide the final meat product with desired acidification, flavor and color—every time! The food cultures for salami and pepperoni include different solutions from the following ranges: BactoFlavor®, Bactoferm® and SafePro®. Dry cured meatChr. Hansen supports the modern production of delicious jamon and prosciutto by providing safe and natural food cultures for dry cured meat. Chr. Hansen’s food cultures primarily offer color, color stability and flavor development for dried, cured meats, like Jamon Serrano and Prosciutto di Parma or dried sausages, like the Spanish fuet or chorizo sarta. The range includes:

  • Bactoferm® C-P-77—color formation and stability
  • Bactoferm® SM-75—color formation, stability and flavor creation

BaconNaturally safe and tasty bacon is possible with Chr. Hansen’s food cultures. The range offers:

  • SafePro® ImPorous to reduce the risk of pore formations.
  • SafePro® EasyCure LC to enhance color and flavor development and reduce the risk of Listeria monocytogenes in raw bacon.
  • SafePro® B-LC-48 to minimize the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in sliced cooked bacon.
  • Bactoferm® Rubis to maintain and extend freshness, and remove residual oxygen in your vacuum or modified-atmosphere packages.

Emulsified sausagesIf you are looking for additional food safety for your emulsified sausages, for minimizing risks from cross-contamination during handling and slicing and want to avoid chemicals, then Chr. Hansen may have the solution for you. Chr. Hansen’s range includes food cultures that help enhance food safety or the opportunity to improve color development with less nitrite: SafePro® B-LC-48, Bactoferm® Rubis or Bactoferm® CS-300.Cooked meat & poultryDo you want to produce safe and delicious quality cold cuts? Food cultures can minimize the occurrence of quality flaws and scrapping e.g., from pores or holes as well as improve the safety of ready-to-eat cold cuts. Chr. Hansen’s range includes: SafePro® B-LC-48, SafePro® ImPorous, Bactoferm® CS-300, Bactoferm® Rubis.Smoked salmonChr. Hansen has a natural and documented food cultures that helps improve food safety and reduce the growth of Listeria monocytogenes in smoked or marinated salmon. SafePro® NovaLox prevents Listeria monocytogenes from multiplying into high numbers during shelf life. SafePro® NovaLox is accepted by major retailers across Europe and allows you to produce delicate, delicious and safer smoked fish. Fresh sausages and meat preparationsAre you a manufacturer looking for additional safety for your fresh sausages or meat preparations? Bactoferm® CS-300, SafePro® B-LC-20, SafePro® B-SF-77 are part of Chr. Hansen’s food cultures that support the freshness and food safety of your fresh meat products. Additionally some of the cultures have beneficial effect on the color stability of the meat. Prepared or ready-to-eat foodChr. Hansen offer various food cultures from the Bactoferm® range to ensure a consistent quality e.g. of fermented cabbage, cucumber or olives or from the SafePro® range to help improve food safety of fresh cut salad and salad meats. Bioprotection Keep it great with fermentation-enabled bioprotectionFermentation-enabled bioprotection is the use of naturally occurring bacterial cultures in fermentation of food in order to inhibit the growth of undesirable microflora and prevent food spoilage. It is possible thanks to the combination of knowledge from the fermentation technique with the latest scientific reports. The use of good bacteria to slow the growth of bad bacteria, yeast and mold has been used successfully in a variety of foods. It can give you a competitive edge without compromising your product label.Chr. Hansen’s fermentation-enabled bioprotective solutions can strengthen the trust retailers and consumers have in you and will enable them to benefit more from your product. Bioprotection not only helps you to create a great brand experience – it helps you to 'Keep it great!'Fermentation-enabled bioprotection is a natural way to:

  • Keep up with the market trends
  • Keep your brand strong
  • Keep waste down
  • Keep food safe

FreshQ®FreshQ® food cultures are fermentation-enabled bioprotection, and a completely natural way to help prevent food spoilage and protect it against harmful microorganisms, allowing to extend the shelf life and reduce food waste. It is a safe solution based on traditional fermentation methods that help protect the brand and reduce quality-related costs. FreshQ® is used in the following applications: yoghurt, fermented cream, homogenized cheese, kefir, cottage cheese, feta cheese, cottage cheese, pasta filata cheese (kashkaval, mozzarella, pizza cheese). What can FRESHQ® do for you?

  • Make it sustainable
  • Extend shelf life
  • Stay fresh
  • Take control
  • Go natural

VEGA™ FRESHQ®VEGA™ FRESHQ® will help you to meet the consumer demand for healthy and sustainable fermented plant-based products with natural food cultures. The live culture from VegaTM FreshQ® and fermentation help protect your product from contaminants it may encounter throughout its shelf life and keeps fermented plant bases great and fresh.What can Vega™ FreshQ® do for you?

  • Help extend shelf life
  • Build and protect your brand, with less artificial ingredients
  • Keep waste down and satisfaction up

BIOSAFE™Using the Chr. Hansen’s BIOSAFE™ range in fermentation can help you to avoid spoilage of your cheese while protecting your brand.BIOSAFE™ cultures are recommended for production of semi-hard and hard cheeses, and are added together with the starter culture in the fermentation to help prevent late blowing and off-flavors caused by clostridia present in the milk.BIOSAFE™ range can contribute to an improved flavor profile of your cheese - allowing you to differentiate your cheese in a competitive market.SafePro®Today’s consumer requests to foods are challenging and it can sometimes be contradictory to general requirements for unspoiled and safe foods. That is why there is a strong need for natural food protection solutions that can ensure both food safety and food shelf-life.Chr. Hansen is using good bacteria and fermentation to inhibit and control the unwanted spoilage flora. SAFEPRO® cultures are natural food cultures selected especially to help protect meat & prepared food products incl. salmon and ready-to-eat salads.Why SAFEPRO®?Using SAFEPRO® and fermentation help maintain or improve the safety and goodness of your meat, salmon & salads – even after it has been opened – and it may extend shelf life, too. It makes it easier for you to deliver a consistent and enjoyable brand experience.

  • SAFEPRO® cultures are based on unique bacteria strains found within lactic acid bacteria species that are normally used in food products
  • They come in several versions specifically targeting meat, salmon and ready-to-eat food applications

VEGA™ SAFEPRO®VEGA™ SAFEPRO® cultures are selected specifically for meat alternatives. They can help to keep plant-based meat alternatives safe and fresh, naturally. By leveraging the power of fermentation with the good bacteria that comprises VEGA™ SAFEPRO® cultures, producers can craft plant-based meat alternatives that stay fresh for longer, improve upon some of the sensory features of their products, and potentially even feature a reduced amount of sodium.VEGA™ SAFEPRO® benefits:•Help control the presence of unwanted lactic acid bacteria, yeast, molds and pathogens like Listeria•Contribute to a clean and fresh taste throughout shelf life •Better meet consumer demands for products with natural ingredients and potentially reduce overall sodium content in meat alternatives•Enhance the sustainability profile of their brand by reducing food waste.Viniflora®Viniflora® makes it possible to produce wines with little or no SO2 content without compromising its quality and with much less undesirable acidity. Selected yeasts and bacteria from Chr. Hansen’s offer will allow us to meet the consumer demand for more natural wines and global trends for a lower content of preservatives. Viniflora® makes it easier for wine producers to provide stable and enjoyable wine brands with natural conservation cultures.Why VINIFLORA®?Using Viniflora® in fermentation help to prevent the growth of undesirable flora and protects the flavor potential of the wine during its maturation. It makes it easier for winemakers to deliver a consistent and enjoyable brand experience•Natural food cultures selected especially to control fermentation processes preserving the varietal character of the grapes. •Viniflora® bacteria and yeast cultures are based on the selection of natural strains with unique properties, originated from must samples, according to OIV regulation.•They come in several versions specifically targeting the various wine applications of all “terroirs” in the world.Dairy and meat alternativesFermented plant based dairy alternatives Chr. Hansen’s series of cultures for fermented plant bases enables producers to make healthy plant-based yogurt alternatives with the characteristics specific to the dairy yogurt, namely, a mild and fresh taste, smooth texture, and safe and healthy products.Some of the cultures for plant-based yogurt contain the world’s best documented probiotics -  Bifidobacterium BB-12® and Lactobacillus rhamnosus, LGG®:

  • YoFlex® YF-L01 DA - Blend of Streptococcus thermophilus to ensure good robust and fast acidification and flavor of fermented dairy alternatives.
  • YoFlex® YF-L02 DA - Blend of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus supplemented with Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus paracasei and Bifidobacterium animalis to ensure good robust and fast acidification and flavor of fermented dairy alternatives.
  • nu-trish® BY-01 DA - Blend of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus with Bifidobacterium, BB-12® for probiotic positioning.
  • nu-trish® BB-12® DA - Bifidobacterium, BB-12® for probiotic positioning.
  • nu-trish® LGG® DA - Lactobacillus rhamnosus, LGG® for probiotic positioning.

 Vega™ Culture Kit Chr. Hansen’s Vega™ Culture Kit is designed to make plant-based fermentation simple and intuitive, no matter what base – or bases – a producer may be using to create their products - “vegurts”.  The Vega™ Culture Kit offers solutions in three categories that empower producers to “mix and match”, yielding the best possible outcomes for whatever kind of product they may be after.Cultures for plant basesTaste and textureRobust starters with flavour and texture options for clean-label products

  • Vega™ Premium
  • Vega™ Vibe
  • Vega™ Harmony
  • Vega™ Classic
  • Vega™ Mild.

HealthPlant-based cultures including the world’s most-studied probiotics

  • Vega™ nu-trish® BY-101
  • Vega™ nu-trish® GY-101
  • Vega™ nu-trish® BB-12®*
  • Vega™ nu-trish® LGG®*
  • Vega™ nu-trish® L. CASEI 431®*.

Quality and sustainabilityA culture that improves the bioprotective effect from fermentation and helps keep products fresh for longer

  • Vega™ FRESHQ®  101*.

*Adjunct cultures should be used in combination with starter cultures.VEGA™, BB-12®, LGG®, nu-trish® and FreshQ® are trademarks of Chr. Hansen A/SPlant-based meat alternatives solutionFood cultures for plant-based meat alternativesVEGA™ SafePro® food cultures allow to improve safety, freshness and shelf life of your meat alternatives in a natural way. This range of cultures is designed to keep plant-based alternative proteins safe and fresh for longer. The cultures, either alone or in combination, undergo fermentation helping stems the growth of yeast, mold, and contaminants such as listeria.This range of cultures can help protect your refrigerated products by keeping them fresh from the inside out:

  • Outcompete microflora to help eliminate the growth of unwanted spoilage flora


  • Proliferates at low temperatures to delay the growth of Listeria monocytogenes
  • Help optimise the positive ecosystem within the product

The range includes three cultures, that can be applied alone or in combination.Vega™ SafePro® 01Lactobacillus sakeiVega™ SafePro® 02Leuconostoc carnosum Vega™ SafePro ® 03Lactococcus lactisWine Viniflora®Viniflora® range enables you to produce wines with low or no SO2 without compromising on quality and with much less unwanted volatile acidity. Selected yeast and bacteria from Chr. Hansen’s range will allow you to respond to consumers demand for more natural wines and global trends for less chemical/ preservatives.  Viniflora® makes it easier for winemakers to deliver a consistent and enjoyable brand experience with natural protective cultures.Oenological bacteriaChr. Hansen brings winemakers powerful tools to control their malolactic fermentations through a range of high-quality bacteria products ready for direct inoculation: the 'DVS®' technology. The different Viniflora® strains are able to cover a large spectrum of wine applications: from difficult base wines for sparkling wines coming from cool or cold areas to high-alcohol wines produced in extremely hot climates. Discover how Viniflora® solutions can help make the wine you want and bio-protect the must, the wine and your brand with natural microbial solutions. Specialty yeastsChr. Hansen proposes an exclusive range of specialty yeasts known as 'non-Saccharomyces' products for selected grape juices, musts or wines from different wine regions around the world. Viniflora® specialty yeasts can help bio-protect your musts, convert flavor precursors and increase complexity and elegance. Winemakers wishing to be closer to a wild alcoholic fermentation character can now discover the new frontier in yeasts, and make wines that have this distinctive natural, wild touch. Nutrients for bacteriaChr. Hansen’s leadership in culture production and its expertise in monitoring and managing wine fermentation helped us define and design a well-balanced nutrient, ideal for oenological bacteria in difficult winemaking conditions: BACTIV-AID™. Chr. Hansen’s dedicated wine team is proud to present BACTIV-AID™ 2.0: probably the best nutrient for bacteria available today!Fermented beveragesSmartBev™ NEER®NEER™ is a unique yeast patented concept for alcoholic-free beer. The specially isolated and selected strain used in NEER™ converts monosaccharides into specific and desirable flavor compounds helping you produce a tasty beer without the alcohol. The concept consists of the yeast, an application protocol and a direct inoculation system, with no need of a propagation equipment or slant procedures. This simple process reduces planning complexity and time out of the production process, lowering risk and increasing productivity.The fermentation characteristics of NEER™:  

  • enhanced fruit flavors: high esters & thiols;
  • medium production of polysaccharides;
  • low ethanol production.

SmartBev™ Harvest LB-1 Chr. Hansen’s Harvest LB-1 cultures are specially designed for fermented juices and teas. Available in a freeze-dried format for direct inoculation, Harvest LB-1 is easy and safe to use and protects your beverage from the development of alcohol producing organisms.Key benefits of Harvest LB-1:

  • consumes Sugar, adds mild acids;
  • naturally protects your product;
  • can be caused during traditional fermentation;
  • clean and pleasant aroma profile;
  • reduction of earthy notes;
  • flavor complexity;
  • fruity terpenes & esters;
  • controllable fermentation speed;
  • consistent performer.

Selection™ - inspiring dairy craftmanshipOffer for artisanal producersThis range of products was developed specifically for small-scale, artisanal producers of fresh dairy products and cheese. The Selection™ range covers cultures and coagulants, both in suitable size for small batches.The starter cultures in this range are characterized and classified according to their optimum growth temperature, i.g. mesophiles, thermophiles or mixed. These cultures have been formulated to ensure the expected characteristics in terms of acidification, texture and flavor of the dairy products. As these are suitable for small, artisanal producers using traditional, handcrafted method, they are easy to use DVS (Direct Vat Set) cultures adding directly from the pouch to the vat of milk.Coagulants in the Selection™ range are suitable for both, modern cheesemakers, CHY-MAX® M, and for those prefer traditional cheesemaking, Naturen® Premium. These enzymes help coagulate the milk and also play an important role in the development of the texture and aroma of traditional cheeses during the ripening process. Coagulants are available in 1L bottles.„Combine your passion for craftmanship with Chr. Hansen’s more than 145 years of dairy know-how and fermentation expertise.“