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Jindal Films

Jindal Films

MTC-SO is an official sales agent of the company Jindal Films, leading global producer of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films for packaging, lamination and label applications.

Packaging films

  • co-extruded, transparent and matt films, nominal thickness from 20µm to 50µm
  • films for cold seal applications
  • matt and transparent cold seal release films
  • white opaque voided films, for heat and cold seal applications
  • metallised films with high barrier properties
  • coated, barrier films covering acrylic, PVDC, EVOH and LTS coatings
  • special ultra thin films for lamination and special packaging application – nominal thickness 6µm and 8µm

Label films for different process of labeling

  • IML, IMD, IMT labeling
  • WAL labeling
  • "spot patch"
  • for the production of self-adhesive films